BriStyles was an essential ally for my recent closet transformation. At first, I was nervous to share the details of my closet space with another person, but Bri was kind, funny, and understanding and put me right at ease. Her process was highly personalized and effective: she helped me realize just how much my valuable closet space was being taken up by items that weren’t working for me anymore. I also gained new outfits without spending a dime - she gave me great ideas for how to wear items in my closet that weren’t being used to their full potential. She was prepared, knowledgeable, organized, and professional. She made the usually mundane task of cleaning out one’s closet fun and memorable!
— Young professional and Closet Renovation Client Thereasa R.

[Bri] worked to personalize the experience and make people feel good while you provided options for their styles.
— Young professional and Wardrobe Rejuvenation Client Elisha R.

Bri was very organized and I appreciated all of the forethought she put into store choices and pulling items. I liked how she put the clothes into combinations so I could get a sense of how pieces fit together into an outfit. As I had mentioned wanting to stretch in some areas, it was very helpful to have her suggest a few pieces I wouldn’t normally have picked up and to hear why she had picked them.
— Professional musician and Wardrobe Rejuvenation Client T. Carlis R.

When I first met Bri, I told her that I wanted to try things that were different than what I usually selected. Bri outfitted me completely, from head to foot. Then, I asked her to look over my wardrobe and show me how different things could be worn together. The combinations were gorgeous. Bri presented her ideas in emails with short video clips, which was easy for me to take in at my own pace. Helping to style a wardrobe isn’t a mercenary transaction with Bri. She understood that I was trying to improve many things in my life, some of them intangible. She is exquisitely sensitive to the needs and desires of the person whom she is serving ... I need a word somewhere between “serving” and “coming alongside”. If I decide that I’d like help selecting other pieces, I’m confident that we would make good choices together.
— Wardrobe Inspiration Client Madeleine P.

Bri is everything you want in a “closet cleanout consultant” plus much more. She is kind, thoughtful and completely professional. Our initial face-to-face familiarization meeting was over coffee where she brought her questionnaire for me to fill out my perceived needs/wants/expectations, and then discussed what to expect at the in-home appointment. Bri shows up with a game plan, outlines it for you, and the work begins. The experience is collaborative and together you execute the plan, all the while she is mindful of your needs and goals. Bri is kind, patient, and not judgemental; you’ll be completely comfortable. She knows and appreciates the stress and angst her client is feeling around exposing and going through their “stuff”, and holds her ground while helping you eliminate the joyless, dated, and no longer relevant items. It was a wonderful and cathartic afternoon spent with Bri. She organized, bagged and removed everything we eliminated in their designated categories: donation, consignment, and “no man’s land”. She mailed the receipts from the consignment stores she selected, and the tax receipt for the donation. She’s even coordinating some specialized work on a favorite pair of jeans - all part of her services. It’s been a breeze with Bri!! Because my first experience was so successful, Bri and I have more work to do: helping me fill in the gaps in my wardrobe, identify stores where I should shop and she’s coming along to help nail it all down. It’s great to have a clothing/closet partner that ‘gets me’.
— Transitioning out of the workforce and Closet Renovation Client Donna S.